Located in the “old’ downtown, the Lakeville Family Bowl has been family owned for 35 years by Donnie and Julie Speiker. With 8 bowling lanes, a short order kitchen, and a full bar, they invite you to come down for a fun family time of bowling, great food, and a cold beer.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bowlers Wanted

Tuesday Open League
Five Person Team(any six-ten person roster)
7:00 pm Start.
Sept. 6th to Mar. 21st-29 weeks
100% Handicap
$10.00 +Sec. fee and prize fund/night
Start Meeting Aug. 31 @ 7 pm
Call 952-469-2695 Or 952-994-7304

Wednesday Women’s League
Four Women Teams 6:30 pm

Thursday Afternoon Women’s League
Three Women Teams 12:30 pm

Thursday Men’s League
Five Man Teams 6:30 pm

Friday Men’s League
Five Man Teams 6:45 pm

Please Call 952-469-2695 to sign up!