Located in the “old’ downtown, the Lakeville Family Bowl has been family owned for 35 years by Donnie and Julie Speiker. With 8 bowling lanes, a short order kitchen, and a full bar, they invite you to come down for a fun family time of bowling, great food, and a cold beer.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Please Help! Bowling Bucks are waiting!

Please Help!

Our database was corrupted and we need league bowler addresses to send out our Pan-O-Prog Schedule and Bowling Bucks.  If you were a league bowler at LFB in 2014-15, please fill out this form for us!  Also, pass it on to people you know who bowled.  We are hoping to mail these out next week.

Secretaries, if you have the information electronically, can you email it to haspeiker@gmail.com?

Thank you for your help!!

Holly, Julie, & Donnie